As reported by the South African News Agency (SAnews), President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa restated the BRICS bloc’s dedication to solidarity, sustainable progress, and a fair global arrangement during the 15th BRICS Summit Open Plenary on Wednesday.

Joined by his counterparts from the grouping’s member countries – the President of Brazil Lula Da Silva; Russian President Vladimir Putin; Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the People’s Republic of China President, Xi Jinping – President Ramaphosa said the BRICS partnership must be harnessed to drive inclusive global economic recovery.

The South African President said the world is changing. “New economic, political, social and technological realities call for greater cooperation between nations.

“These realities call for a fundamental reform of the institutions of global governance so that they may be more representative and better able to respond to the challenges that confront humanity,” the President said.

Ramaphosa added while BRICS is firmly committed to advancing the interests of the Global South, BRICS stands ready to collaborate with all countries that aspire to create a more inclusive international order.

“BRICS stands for solidarity and for progress. It stands for inclusivity and a more just, equitable world order. It stands for sustainable development.

“We are an inclusive formation of developing and emerging economies that are working together to benefit from our rich histories, cultures and systems to advance common prosperity. We do so because we know that poverty, inequality and underdevelopment are the biggest challenges facing humankind.”