Dior has introduced the new J’adore L’Or fragrance, crafted by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. This perfume is a fresh take on the original J’adore flanker from 1999, meticulously redesigned to exude a more gentle and inviting aroma.

The formula comprises orange blossom absolute, which imparts a sophisticated and distinctly feminine richness to the scent. Additionally, jasmine grandiflorum has been skillfully blended with notes of almond, mango, and banana, contributing a fruity and floral essence to the Eau de Parfum.

The fragrance is beautifully rounded out by centifolia rose, which infuses a powerful rose bouquet, reinforcing Dior’s intention to celebrate femininity through this perfume.

You can acquire a 50ml bottle of this new fragrance for £144 via the official dior.com website.