Dubai Customs facilitates passengers’ traffic relying on advanced AI technologies

Dubai Customs develops smart and innovative services to facilitate procedures for travelers coming to the country boosting Dubai’s position as the capital of world tourism and the favorite destination for tourists and supporting Dubai International airport, the world’s busiest airport.

“Within its bold strategy, Dubai Customs keeps developing its services provided to customers and travelers to enhance commercial operations and speed up the passengers’ traffic, relying on a solid technological infrastructure that the Government Department has generously invested in over the past years,” said Ibrahim Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department. “There are several advanced applications and programs in place including the iDeclare App, which enables passengers to declare what they are carrying into the airport in advance. Internet connection is not needed to browse through the app.

Passengers can declare their cash or other valuable belongings in less than 5 minutes, relieving them from queuing for more than 30 minutes, as was the case before. Passengers can identify items that need to be declared by just taking a photo of them and writing their HS Codes. They can easily have access to information about the Airport’s services and facilities, including the duty-free, restaurants, and exits using the app, which is available for download on Google Play and Apple Store.”

Kamali pointed out that Dubai Customs has dealt with high professionalism with the arrivals to Dubai Airports, which witnessed higher traffic in the last weeks due to the summer vacation.