Japan Airlines has commenced a year-long trial of a service named Any Wear, Anywhere, allowing travelers to rent clothes which are delivered to their hotel upon arrival in Japan, in an effort to cut carbon emissions by reducing luggage weight. The service, available until the end of August 2024, offers clothing suitable for different seasons and styles, and the items can be returned at the end of the stay for washing and reintegration into the system. The clothes are either pre-owned or sourced from company overstock, and prices range between $34 and $48 for the entire rental period.

Miho Moriya of Sumitomo, who conceptualized the idea, says the service has received a positive global response, with substantial user numbers in the United States and Australia. The real impact of the trial will be determined by evaluating the weight savings and corresponding reduction in emissions at the end of the trial period. The assessments will also consider emissions from clothing deliveries and laundering. The service is perceived as a step towards sustainability, minimizing clothing waste, and promoting efficient use of resources. Moriya aspires to extend this service globally and to other airlines, enhancing the circular economy and achieving sustainability goals in the aviation sector.