Insight Middle East and Africa is delighted to speak to Nousheen Mukhtar, owner at Stylfemina and Chief Executive Officer at Buraq Media 

Nousheen, please tell us about yourself, your aspirations and what you consider to be your mission in life.

First up, I thank Insight Middle East and Africa for offering this opportunity to share my views about my work, my mission and my aspirations with readers. I, Nousheen Mukhtar, moved to Dubai some ten years ago from now and since Dubai is so inviting and full of opportunities, it triggered my creative instincts more. I started my career as an entrepreneur some seven plus years ago, and my first entity in the UAE is Dynasty Technologies in the UAE as a Branding and Digital Marketing Company serving the UAE based clients for their branding and digital marketing needs. We served all industries ranging from education, art, fashion, photography, tourism and travel, vehicles and automobiles businesses, legal services, business establishment consultancies to ISO certifications companies.

My aspiration to serve people and help them grow exponentially motivated me to establish a networking platform called YesGulf in 2015. Buraq Media and Stylfemina have been established recently. I aspire to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them in not just thriving in the pursuit of their passions through business growth but also in sustaining meaningful business relationships in life. I have worked strategically in all these years to ensure everybody who is connected to me is able to grow and expand. I encourage everybody to work on their strengths and aim higher.

My mission is to help people pursue their dreams and achieve their freedom through what they love to do, hence my business entities are community based and foster supportive culture that permit people to exercise their social skill on various levels so that they are able to grow and achieve what they aspire for. I believe every individual is a social animal. Everybody, be it a skilled professional, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a mum or a laborer, need to connect with others. Connecting to more people leads to deeper self-awareness, emotional intelligence as well as learning. Hence, networking has become crucially important. I am working on my mission through my businesses and welcome other business owners as well to join hands in building a stronger entrepreneur oriented community via YesGulf.

What inspired you to launch Stylfemina? How does Stylfemina promote women empowerment?

I believe in supporting women especially those who need a helping hand. I have seen how difficult it is for a woman to make the world understand that she can think beyond norms and conventions. It is not easy to show that her belief, her self-confidence, her faith and her intuition is not less than any one’s. I have observed that many of those around a powerful, determined, successful woman are looking for that one dot of a space that will shift the credit of all her efforts, her creativity, and her hard work towards them. So many voices are trying to talk down, convince and suppress her, trying to reveal that while she is great but not greater than that. Therefore, my major objective behind acquiring and helping Stylfemina grow is to provide women a platform that they call their own. A platform that celebrates womanhood, provides guidance to younger women so that they are able to rise, and at the same time offers support for those who are rising.

Stylfemina brings forth tips, wisdom, and guidelines for a better and healthier life for women. It offers women various opportunities of sharing views, be it about health, relationships, parenting, personal development, professional growth or motherhood, women may find support and guidance here.

In short, Stylfemina is the voice of women who have an opinion. It is the voice of women who reject suppression. It is the voice of women who believe in themselves. It also features women who have made a difference. It celebrates their success. It is a popular platform for women by a woman who loves being one of them.

Could you give us an overview of what YesGulf does? Which benefits does it provide?

Yes definitely, I take pleasure in talking about YesGulf because it has evolved into a thriving platform over the years and continues to grow. YesGulf powered by Buraq Media is the public relations platform where people network and build connections. Since Buraq Media aims to help brands grow and improve their visibility through its 360 degrees marketing solutions, YesGulf is its community where brands meet consumer directly in the scaled meetups.

Businesses don’t grow in isolation, keeping this in view, we help all kinds of businesses through YesGulf to connect with other businesses and consumers for relationship marketing. Brands may self-advertise, share promotions, network, and build connections through YesGulf. We have a sophisticated subscription program that allows development of long term brand visibility and public relations. With over 12,000 individuals who have been to YesGulf community for social or professional networking, I believe the platform is ripe and inviting for everybody in the UAE. A large majority of influencers in the UAE are also affiliating with YesGulf this year and we believe, the relationship marketing model will grow even further.

What do you consider the main achievements in your life?

My main achievement is overcoming my self-limiting beliefs. The transformation has been immense and I encourage everybody to allow themselves this freedom. Once you are out of those deceptive beliefs that set limits for you, you are unstoppable!

Have you dealt with failure? If so, how did you overcome it?

I have dealt with failure. It was hard. I will never say failure is easy and it doesn’t affect strong people. If I say that I’d be so very wrong. Failure has its impact and as it strikes, the first reaction is distress which is natural but how we deal with it and take charge of the situation makes the difference. I have experienced failure in business at one point in time as I misplaced my trust in a few people. Running business in two different countries is not easy. One has to share responsibilities with a number of people to make things happen but unfortunately, I placed my trust in some wrong persons which caused disappointment. I will refrain from disclosing the whole story. I have overcome it by considering it a challenge. It has taught me things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I learned to limit my trust in people through it. I learned to be independent through failure. I learned to take charge of my things and my life.

What are your success strategies?

Timely Action, that’s my success strategy. I will always complete what I set out to do, I do not let things stop me from accomplishing. I am resilient and very consistent in working towards my goals.

What are your perspectives on the role of women in a modern society? In your view, how can women realize their true potential?

Women are the most important pillar of every society. In modern society they are very important because in today’s fast paced world where an individual, his vision and ambition count as primary, women make large part of the population. With increasing ratio of women in every field in the professional scenario as well, it is evident that without significant contribution of women progress in a society is a farce. Empowering women with the knowledge and skills is important. I believe every woman should step forward and grab opportunities because that would help her in achieving her goals. A woman with an ambition is the most precious asset in modern society and she should be encouraged and supported for it so that she makes more possibilities for others around her as she gets on in her journey of achievement and fulfillment.

What are the current priorities and vision for the future for Stylfemina?

Stylfemina aims to support every woman who has a plan. We invite women to bring forth their ideas and discuss with us. We are ready to offer support in building up on those ideas. This magazine is the voice of women who refuse to live by the norm. Therefore, any woman may write through Stylfemina to share her views with the readers, in order to contribute she just needs to get in touch with us and present her idea. We will support her to spread her message of positivity!

In 2020 we plan to launch a community that will have casual gatherings for women to network and share knowledge or ideas for personal or professional growth. We support budding women entrepreneurs with their business development and marketing as well. We are just one phone call away!

What advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs? 

Now is the Time! It has never been easier to live according to your will and your dreams! Avail every opportunity that comes your way, be strong, resilient, bold and ambitious. If you haven’t worked on your vision, start now! I am sure things will turn out superbly for you!