IMEA Metaverse Advisor and the MENA Gen-Z Hub conducted a study to gauge awareness, perceptions and adoption of metaverse technologies by young consumers in the UAE.

The survey findings indicate Gen Zers in the UAE are nearly universally aware of the metaverse (95%), with over two thirds (69%) describing their knowledge of the metaverse as ‘good’ or ‘detailed’.

Unlike older generations, Gen Zers, the first digital natives, born between 1997 and 2012, into a world of technology and social media, do not see the emerging metaverse as foreign or futuristic, with the metaverse already being their reality, particularly for gamers.

68% of Gen Zers in the UAE call the metaverse exciting, with 59% gamers feeling the metaverse enables them to be their true selves expressing more openly than they do in real life.

Among the top primary drivers of excitement are gaming (66%), socializing (64%), attending events such as concerts (63%) and shopping (62%). 59% of the UAE Gen Z respondents attribute their excitement to the opportunities to travel beyond the limits of the physical world, such as visiting exotic places and embracing space travel.

While Gen Zers see the metaverse fun and exciting – an equivalent to the new-age shopping mall where they can hang out, socialize and shop – to them the metaverse is set to evolve into even more in the next 5 years, ultimately becoming an extension of real life, with over half of them (56%) expecting to make money in the universe, and 36% interested in building a career in the metaverse.

They see the metaverse in a positive light, but they fear the growing popularity of the metaverse technologies may lead to the neglect of the physical world (44%).

Majority (89%) say that seeing their favorite brands in the metaverse would improve their perceptions about the brands.

Gen Zers are highly interested in brands creating experiences that link the virtual world to the real world. They are most excited about seeing fashion and sports brands in the metaverse, finding an idea of apparel that both a person and their avatar can wear very appealing (58%). An idea of a loyalty program that offer real-world benefits for virtual activities, or vice versa, also has a strong appeal to over half of this group (56%).

About 2022 IMEA Metaverse Advisor Gen Z Survey UAE

2022 IMEA Metaverse Advisor Gen Z Survey UAE was conducted online from August 1 to August 15, 2022. The study includes responses from 600 adults aged 18 – 25.


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