Insight Middle East and Africa is delighted to speak to Nitesh Marwaha, Founder and Managing Director at Infinity Conferences, and lead instructor at Startup Masterclass.

Nitesh, please tell us about yourself and your role at Infinity Conferences.

I’m an innovator and entrepreneur with 11 years of experience in the education industry. I have trained 2500+ students in business, communication, and marketing. My focus in the last five years has been in producing education programs aiming at emerging technologies such as Data Science, AI, Blockchain, and IoT. I hold an MBA Degree specialized in Digital Marketing from Symbiosis University, India.

I founded Infinity Conferences in 2015 with a focus to create a platform for knowledge givers and seekers in the emerging tech space. Our company has organized 200+ workshops and masterclasses focused on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT in the last four years. Our audience comes from all over the world to attend and learn.

What inspired you to launch Startup Masterclass? Could you give us an overview of the program?

Many of our attendees in tech programs are professionals and youngsters, especially students. Their vision is to learn to develop SaaS, Code, Algorithms to later build their idea into a business model. However, their main feedback is that they lacked business skills. They are good with product development but not with everything else, and we all know that a successful business model is not just about the “Product.”

With that in mind, we developed the Startup Masterclass, a 1-day program, that journeys through the different phases of a startup – from formation and ideation, to product development and scaling. We introduce key concepts and terminology of the startup world to our attendees through this program.

What do participants learn during the Startup Masterclass?

The Startup Masterclass is a concise version of one’s startup journey. It is a 1-day session that gives the participants an overview of startup culture, and takes them through different development phases, from forming a startup to scaling it.

The masterclass covers topics on ideation, product development, lean startup method, digital marketing, metrics and KPIs, and more. They learn practically through activities, exercises, and case studies. The participants also learn how to pitch their startup idea – we run a mock pitch at the end of the session. We also invite other entrepreneurs for guest lectures.

Who is this program designed for? Who would benefit most from attending the Startup Masterclass?

Currently, we run two versions of the masterclass. One for professionals and entrepreneurs. The second for students aged 12-20. I believe that anyone can build a successful company, regardless of age.

What are your perspectives on entrepreneurship? Which advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

There’s a lot of jargon around the definition. To me, precisely, entrepreneurship means falling and getting back up – losing and learning – becoming someone else through facing tough times and tough people.

My message to aspiring entrepreneurs in 4 points:

  • You don’t have to be the smartest. You don’t have to know it all. Focus on one thing you’re good at and leverage it!
  • You don’t need money to startup. You need, “You!”
  • Don’t worry about your appearance. You don’t need branded clothes, a luxury car, a sea-facing office to create an impression. You need a disruptive idea!
  • Take risk but don’t gamble. There’s a difference!

What are the current priorities and vision for the future for Startup Masterclass?

Currently, we aim to grow our community by delivering exceptional content at the Startup Masterclass. We have received great feedback, and we intend to continue on the path. We are also developing new programs on Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Software Development for entrepreneurs and students. We want to gear them up with all the necessary tools they need to startup cost-effectively.

Our vision is to build an ecosystem for students and professionals where they can explore their creativity, acquire essential skills, and build successful startups.

How can our readers learn more about Startup Masterclass?

All our information is available on our website –

You can also visit our Facebook page for latest updates –

To follow us on Instagram – @startupmc19