Women Entrepreneurship Roundtable Meeting was organized for Multi-industry Women Leaders this weekend, Nousheen Mukhtar, a reputed and revered business woman, expressed her appreciation of the way women in business are supported and praised by the nation. Held on 20th May 2023, Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable meeting was an endeavor that brought inspiring and aspiring women together to facilitate professional and business growth. It was an event aimed at strengthening the business connectivity among women in business in industries such as education, marketing, branding, events management, interior design, art, fashion, lifestyle, technology, financial management, investments, healthcare and others.

The number of business women has grown up to 68% in the UAE because the country offers structured support system for women entrepreneurs. The UAE business eco-system offers equal opportunities to women. They may benefit from economic resources, have access to ownership, and other financial privileges to have stable financial independence. Moreover, there are multiple business setup packages, incubation and mentorship programs available for budding women entrepreneurs that allow them to grow and thrive after they step into the realm of entrepreneurship.

Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable was a successful business event where the new edition of Stylfemina magazine was also revealed. Stylfemina serves as the voice of women in business, allowing them to share their journey and inspire other women towards entrepreneurship. Business leaders including Swati Rajpal, Sophia Bhatti, and Alefiyah Johar took the stage to inspire other business owners. Captain Sahar Rasti and Maryam Saif AlZaabi motivated women to listen to their inner voices, finding their true passion and living a life of purpose. As more women move towards entrepreneurship, the UAE sees a promising and more stable economic eco-system. Certainly, empowered UAE residents are working towards building a greater future.